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Advantage of Drink Noodle Soup Long Term


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advantage of drink noodle soup long time. when cook noodles, people can eat noodles and drink noodle soup as well. In fact, the nutritional value of noodle soup is also relatively high. The content of its nutrient is no less than noodle, for example, drink noodle soup for a long time, can achieve the purpose that promotes digestion, compensatory vitamin B, compensatory nutrition and stimulative metabolism. But, if the method that drinks noodle soup is wrong, also can bring harm to human body health.
One, the benefits of drinking noodle soup for a long time
1. Improve digestion
Drinking noodle soup for a long time can make the body absorb rich digestive enzymes, there are substances that can accelerate the secretion of digestive juices in the intestines and stomach, and can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, effectively improve the digestive function of the intestines and stomach, can accelerate the digestion and absorption of food in the body. That is to say, eating noodle soup for a long time can improve the body's digestive function and prevent indigestion.
2. Take b vitamins
The main raw material for making noodle soup is flour, and the content of water-soluble vitamin b in flour is particularly high, which will be all precipitated into the noodle soup in the cooking process. At this time, people can absorb rich vitamins when drinking noodle soup, and b can meet the needs of this vitamin when the human body metabolizes.
3, supplement nutrition to promote metabolism
Long-term drinking noodle soup can supplement abundant physical effects, in particular, can let the body to absorb the rich plant protein and various vitamins, and nicotinic acid and choline, and amino acids and other nutrients, it can satisfy the normal metabolism of human body, to the different needs of nutrition, can maintain normal metabolism of the body and reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body, also can prevent some diseases.
Two, the disadvantage of drinking noodle soup
Although noodle soup is a common soup that is easy to digest and rich in nutrients, people should pay attention to it when they drink it. It also has some disadvantages. The noodle soup contains a lot of amylase, which is a kind of acidic component, when it into the stomach will promote the gastric acid secretion, serious will let people get heartburn and nausea vomit acid and other adverse symptoms, especially those hyperacidity, after drink noodle soup more vulnerable to the adverse symptoms, this also is the common disadvantages of drink noodle soup.
Three, reduce weight before eating soup, stomach bad after dinner to drink.
With all the benefits of raw soup, when is the best time to drink it?
Theoretically, it is to drink more after the meal, like everybody likes to drink a bit congee after the meal same, quantity how many did not have strict limitation.
Eat noodles kind of food is not easy to produce satiety feeling, eat more easily so more, accordingly fat person should drink soup before meal, can make the person produces certain satiety feeling, slow down the speed that have a meal, unapt eat overmuch. This is also why the popular folk saying "soup before dinner, slim and healthy". Nevertheless, the patient of chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric acid is secreted less, drink soup to be able to dilute gastric juice before meal, affect the digestion of food further, do not drink too much soup before meal so.
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