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How to Cook Chicken


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How to cook chicken?
Chicken is our common meat in life, it can be cook in many methods, we can use it to make white mushroom chicken and chicken breast, we need to first marinated, then in cooking, can let the chicken breast meat tender, oil temperature is not too high then put in chicken breast, made chicken tastes better, so we can study how to cook it.
How long will the chicken breast cook
Bring it to a boil, bring it to a boil and pinch it a little bit. Cook in 10 minutes, cut more than 5 minutes in advance is enough. White from the inside out is ripe. Specific time to see their own home stove. You can add cooked fish without bones and less internal organs. No seasoning.
How do you cook a chicken breast
1, cut the chicken breast, add the right amount of water starch sizing, can make the chicken breast very smooth and tender.
2. Add 1 tablespoon of egg white to tenderize the breast as well.
3. Commercially available loose meat powders can also tenderize chicken breasts.
4. The cold oil in the pan can keep the breast meat from aging.
Choose one of these four tips and you'll have a smooth, tender chicken breast. The edible value of chicken breast
A homely recipe for chicken breast
Jiangnan version of spicy diced chicken
Ingredients: chicken breast 200g, 2 spring Onions, 5 dried red pepper, 1 teaspoon sichuan peppercorn, oil salt sauce vinegar sugar, cornstarch, pepper
1, chicken breast cut into 1 cm square pieces, put a little salt, pepper, 1 teaspoon cornstarch, 1 teaspoon salad oil catch well, marinate for 20 minutes.
2, green onion, pepper (to seed) also cut into 1 cm long.
3, heat the oil in the pot, first under sichuan pepper green onion pepper stir-fry, then under the chicken stir-fry, add sugar 1 spoon, vinegar 1 spoon, light soy sauce 1 spoon, stir 1, 2 minutes can be ready to wok.
Note: the oil temperature should not be too high, especially for the chicken, and turn down the heat again...
The edible value of chicken breast
In traditional Chinese medicine, the chicken breast is thought to be flat, warm and sweet, which enters the spleen and stomach. Warm in qi, fill the empty fill essence, spleen and stomach, live blood, strong muscles and bones, add the essence of the effect; For malnutrition, fear of cold, dizziness palpitations, fatigue, irregular menstruation, postpartum milk less, anemia, deficiency food less, quench thirst, edema, urine frequency, spermia, deafness tinnitus and other weak has a good therapeutic effect. So, everybody can eat a few more chicken breast at ordinary times!
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