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How to Cook Rice


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How to cook rice
Rice when cooking or there will be a lot of skills need to notice, but many people make the rice taste will be mixed with water, this will make rice taste effect, so it is important to note that in cleaning, do not have more than three times, or you will make the fragrance of rice is to remove the original, also will be rice soaked in water for half an hour and then go to cooking, better rice flavor.
Whether it is new rice or old rice, it can be steamed with pleasant aroma and crystal rice. Here are four secrets! As long as you remember these four secrets, you will be sure to steamed sweet and delicious rice. First, let's measure the meters in a container.
Matters needing attention
Wash rice: do not wash rice more than 3 times. If you wash rice more than 3 times, the nutrients in the rice will be lost and the aroma of the steamed rice will be reduced. Remember to wash rice no more than 3 times.
Second big secret book -- bubble rice: soak rice in cold water for half an hour first, such can let rice grain absorb moisture adequately. This way the rice will be plump. The ratio of rice to water: when steaming rice, the ratio of rice to water should be 1:1.2. A particularly simple way to measure water is to put your index finger into rice water. The water must not exceed the first joint of your index finger.
The fourth secret - increase fragrance: if your home rice is old rice, never mind, old rice can also be steamed new rice taste. After the first three procedures, we add a small amount of refined salt or peanut oil in the pot, remember that peanut oil is to be cooked, and is cool, as long as a little pot can be added. After all the procedures are done, you can plug it in and start steaming. Steamed, crystal and full grain, rice fragrance overflowing.
Way to introduce
1. Steaming rice with vinegar. If you are worried that you will not be able to eat the rest of the steamed rice, you can add a little vinegar to the pot according to the ratio of 1000 grams of rice to 35 grams of vinegar. In this way, the steamed rice does not have a sour taste, on the contrary, the rice is more fragrant; And even rice that isn't refrigerated for a day or two won't turn sour, and even when it's steamed again, it tastes as good as freshly steamed.
2. Steaming with wine. This method is suitable for steaming half-cooked rice. When the steamed rice is found raw, as soon as possible to add a few drops of white wine into the steamer, and then in the slow fire for a little steam for a while, can be eaten.
3. Steaming rice with salt. This method is suitable for the steamed rice with the old rice as the raw material. A little salt is added before the steamed rice, and then the rice is mixed with chopsticks. In this way, the steamed rice has a bright color and looks like the steamed rice.
Steaming rice with oil. Add a small amount of cooking oil or salad oil to the rice water before covering the pot to make the cooked rice shiny and soft and sweet.
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