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Southeast Asian Snacks


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Southeast Asian snacks
Southeast Asia is a good place for people to travel, not only because of its superior geographical conditions and many pleasant landscapes, but also because there are many delicious snacks in Southeast Asia, such as dongyingong soup, mango glutinous rice rice and Hainan Chicken Rice in Singapore, which are very famous snacks. Let's go to the details below What are the special snacks in Southeast Asia.
1、 Thailand
1. Dongyingong Soup
Dongyingong soup is very common in Thailand. It is often drunk in restaurants and ordinary people's homes, thus becoming the representative of Thai food. In the name of this soup, "winter Yin" means hot and sour, and "Gong" means shrimp. In fact, it is translated as hot and Sour Shrimp Soup. This dish will feel a little heavy when you eat it, but if you drink more, you will be conquered by its hot and sour taste. Now this dish has also been improved a lot. The soup is divided into red soup and white soup. You can also choose whether to add coconut milk or not, and shrimp can also be changed into fish. But the classic taste doesn't make much difference. After getting used to it, many people will be greedy for it.
2. Mango glutinous rice
Mango glutinous rice is a dessert snack with Thai characteristics. The whole mango is cut into pieces and put into the plate, and the other side is put into the glutinous rice rice drenched with coconut juice. It's very simple to sell, but it's unexpected that such a simple combination can produce a magical "reaction" in the mouth. Mango is sweet with a little bit of acid, this little bit of acid, in the mouth, the score is clear, in that moment, the sour taste is melted by the sweet taste of glutinous rice, but this instant melting feeling, so that you can taste it without landing in your mouth. Glutinous rice and mango are perfectly matched.
2、 Singapore
1. Hainan Chicken Rice
When you see a cooked chicken on a snack stand, you should know that it is one of Singapore's national dishes - Hainan chicken rice. It can be seen everywhere in Singapore's national Hawker Center, and it is also the dish of many big restaurants and even Hotel cafes. A bite of chicken nuggets, or a whole chicken for a team meal - served with spicy rice, chili peppers and ginger sauce. The recipe for this dish is adapted from the early Chinese immigrants who came from Hainan Island, far from the south coast of China. Hainan locals call this dish "Wenchang Chicken". They use a special breed of chicken, bone thin skin fiber, with chicken oil rice to enjoy. The deep green pepper dip in sauce adds to the dish.
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