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Stewed Pork Tripe with Soybean


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Stewed pork tripe with soybean
Soybean is a very common food in people's daily life, because of its high nutritional content, and taste more delicious, so it is more popular. In daily life, people eat soybeans with many other ingredients to stew. For example, stewed pork tripe with soybeans is a common way of eating. It has many effects on human body. Here is a detailed introduction of the methods and effects of stewed pork tripe with soybeans.
Stewed pork tripe with bean sprouts
Material Science
Pork tripe, coarse salt, vinegar, flour, soybean sprouts, white pepper, ginger, cooking wine, salt
1. One piece of pork tripe. Tear off the oil tendon, rub it with crude salt. After washing, continue to rub it with vinegar, then soak it for a quarter of an hour, and then rinse it with clean water. After draining the water, knead it with flour and rinse it clean. If the pork tripe is dirty, repeat the previous steps.
2. Add half a pot of cold water, heat the pork tripe until it boils, then remove the tripe and wash the surface foam with warm hot water. There will be a small amount of white dura outside the darker layer of pork tripe. Carefully cut it with scissors. Then cut the pork tripe into about cm wide tripe.
3. A big bowl of bean sprouts. Don't take off the roots.
4. Take some white pepper and put it on the Kang in the iron pot. Add water to the stew, pat a piece of peeled ginger into it, then add white pepper, and bring to a boil. When the soup rolled, it turned into a small fire. After the tripe and bean sprouts, pour in half a bowl of cooking wine, put on the lid, and stew with the minimum heat. I stewed it in a cast iron pot for about two and a half hours, until it was tender.
5. Season with salt and stew for half an hour.
Nutritional value of soybean
1. Soybean contains about 40% protein, which is comparable to animal protein in quantity and quality. The protein content of 500g soybean is equivalent to 1500g egg, 6000g milk or 1000g lean pork. Therefore, soybean is known as "plant meat" and "green Dairy".
2. Soybean protein contains complete essential amino acids, especially rich in lysine, which is just to supplement the deficiency of cereal lysine, while the lack of methionine in soybean can be supplemented by cereal.
3. The fat content of soybean is 18-20%, which accounts for the first place in beans, and the oil yield is 20%. In addition, compared with animal fat, it contains less cholesterol, and rich in linoleic acid and linolenic acid. This kind of unsaturated fatty acid makes soybeans have the effect of lowering cholesterol; lecithin is also more, which is of great significance to the development of nervous system.
4. It contains inorganic salts such as potassium and sodium, some essential trace elements, isoflavones of daidzein (including genistein), genistein and daidzein. Although the dried soybean does not contain vitamin C, it can produce vitamin C after germination. It can be used as a supplement in the off-season of vegetables. In addition, soybean also contains vitamin A, B, D, E, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.
5. Soybean products not only have high protein content, but also contain many kinds of amino acids which can not be synthesized by human body. The protein digestibility of tofu in cholesterol content is as high as 95%, which is an ideal tonic food. It should be noted that raw soybeans contain anti trypsin factors, which affect the absorption of nutrients in soybeans. Therefore, the cooking time of soybeans and soy foods should be longer than that of common foods. High temperature can destroy these factors and improve the nutritional value of soya protein.
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