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What Kind of Seasoning is Oil Consumption


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What kind of seasoning is oil consumption
Oil consumption is a common seasoning, which is mainly made by fresh seafood. When we make food, we often add oil consumption, especially when we mix cold and stir fry. Oil consumption is a seasoning made of oysters and salted water. Its nutritional value is very high. You can understand the usage of oil consumption, but you should pay attention to that oil consumption cannot be fried together with Spicy seasoning, vinegar and sugar.
Oyster sauce is a seasoning made of oysters (oysters) and salted water. It is called "sea milk". It can be used for fresh, cold mix, stir fry, China and the Philippines and other countries commonly used.
How to eat oyster sauce
Hot and cold food are suitable for oyster sauce, suitable for cooking a variety of ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, bean products, fungi, etc., and can also be mixed with a variety of pasta, seafood, food, etc. Because oyster sauce is a seasoning of fresh taste, it is widely used. Oyster sauce can be used to flavor dishes with salty taste. Oyster sauce is also suitable for a variety of cooking methods. It can be directly used as a seasoning dip point, can also be used for heating, stewing, grilling, frying, frying, etc., and can also be used for cold mixing and pastry meat filling. However, there are some tips for using oyster sauce.
Mix with condiments
Oyster sauce can not only be seasoned alone, but also be used with other seasonings. Seasoning with oyster sauce should not be shared with Spicy seasoning, vinegar and sugar. Because these seasonings will cover up the flavor of oyster sauce and damage the special flavor of oyster sauce.
Long cooking will lose its flavor
If the oyster sauce is cooked in the pot for a long time, it will lose its freshness and make the oyster flavor escape. Generally, it's better to add oyster sauce immediately before or after the dishes are out of the pot. If the sauce is not heated, the taste will be worse. Especially when stewing dishes, it is better to use medium and slow fire.
Mix well with stock and thicken
When making sauce with oyster sauce, it should be noted that the sauce should not be directly thickened, but mixed with stock and diluted to make sauce. Sauce with oyster sauce is the best when the dishes are eight ripe. It is easy to show color and oyster flavor is strong. It is forbidden to use it in the operation of the pan.
Good seasoning for pickled food
Oyster sauce is also a good seasoning for marinated food materials, which can make the special flavor of oyster sauce penetrate into the interior of raw materials and increase the taste and texture of dishes. When cooking meat offal, marinate it with oyster sauce to remove the fishy smell of offal and make the sauce taste strong and fresh. Using appropriate oyster sauce to marinate meat can remove the fishy smell of meat, supplement the lack of original meat flavor, add the strong flavor of dishes, and make the taste more delicious. Avoid high temperature cooking
Generally, it is used for seasoning, with special freshness, but it is forbidden to cook at high temperature, otherwise it will lose its unique freshness and nutrients.
It can be eaten by the general population, especially for zinc deficient people and children in their growth and development period.
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